Solutions for the Electricity Sector

Offered in partnership with MEARIE in Ontario

Our work compliments the work of the executive, business development, legal and HR teams. We work to ensure plans are developed that address the current Labour Relations climate within the organization(s) and all teams are aligned to support the desired future labour relations climate. This includes considering the overall Industrial Relations risks and context (i.e. taking into consideration all stakeholder relationships –customers, contractors, communities, special interest groups, etc.)

Our offerings include:

  • Review of current Industrial and Labour Relations Cultures.
  • Situational Assessment – conduct focus groups with front line employees, supervisors and managers to identify key, salient issues and develop an action plan to address risks.
  • Collective Bargaining review – identify key bargaining issues in the past and for future negotiations. Determine if mid term merger agreement is advisable and provide guidance on such an approach.
  • Identify key disputes related to the application, interpretation and administration of the collective agreements.
  • Identify key labour issues and management rights arising from the Merger or Acquisition (e.g. separate bargaining units, different bargaining agents (unions), etc.) and assess the impact, (risks on and opportunities) for the business going forward.
  • Assess the union’s strategy and position on these matters. Provide guidance to management on response to the Union(s)’ position.
  • Create a comprehensive Industrial and Labour Relations strategy to compliment the overall Merger and Acquisition Plan.

In Ontario, we are partnered with The MEARIE Group, who provide comprehensive financial and business solutions to the electricity sector. Oakbridges is part of their Human Capital Risk Management support services team.