Organizational Effectiveness

Creating better outcomes for all players in Labour Relations in Canada.

We help ensure overall organizational effectiveness by identifying

We work with Project Owners and their key contractors (EPC/M) from the first phases of a project through to completion:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Early Design
  3. Detailed Design
  4. Construction Project Execution
  5. Commissioning and Operations

We go beyond the traditional industrial relations focuses to examine all aspects of project culture and desired end operating culture.  We help you design the desired labour relations environment by ensuring all elements during construction including the business strategy, leadership, organizational design and policies, management and supervisory skills, corporate citizenship, reputation in the marketplace and communications are aligned with the Labour Relations Strategy.

Project Labour Relations Services:

  • Project Estimates (e.g. Labour Cost Assumptions, Travel and Accommodation costs)
  • Risk Evaluations (e.g. Labour Supply Market Study, Stakeholder Assessments)
  • Stakeholder Impact and Benefit Realization (e.g. Review of IBAs, Local Contracting Strategy, Local Community Leaders Labour Relations Training, Communication Planning)
  • Construction Project Labour Relations Strategy (e.g. Open Site vs Closed Site, Owner Self Perform)
  • Project Labour Negotiations (e.g. Project Labour Agreements, Project Labour Terms and Conditions)
  • Project Execution Processes (e.g. Dispute Resolution, Labour Participation Data Collection, Training and Orientation etc.)
  • Operations Employee Relations Strategy (e.g. Union vs Union Free Operations)
  • Operations (e.g. Safety, Orientation, early training and hiring processes, Supervisor and Management LR Training)

“I worked on a multi stage project with Hugh to completely overhaul our operations.  Initially Hugh helped us in managing a deteriorating relationship with our union – resolving a number of outstanding issues between the company and the union and improving overall relations.  Hugh then assisted in the project management of planning and moving all of our operations to a new facility. The move included completely overhauling our employee compensation program from a position based pay system to a skills based program.

This was a major undertaking and was very successful for not just our company but our staff as well. During this process we revised our attendance program and policies to again create a system that work for our company but was fair and transparent to our staff.  During all stages of this operational overhaul Hugh was able to provide the leadership and guidance to get us through the project at a critical and difficult time in our businesses history. Hugh and I have stayed in contact since the project and he has always provided great advice on labour relations related topics.  I’d definitely recommend talking to Oakbridges Labour Relations Strategists for your organizations needs.”

Andy Foresayeth
V.P. Operations, Kent Trusses

“I first worked with a Strategist from Oakbridges at Polytainers Inc. at a time when we were undergoing a major cultural change in the manner in which we were doing business.  Employee resistance was strong and the pace of change was slow.  In this role they helped coordinate the efforts of the Management team in a restructuring effort that right-sized the organization into a more effective structure.  Of even greater importance was how they were able to champion with the executive leadership, several benefits and incentive programs that had previously been rejected and put them into place.  Their implementation resulted in an enormous swing in employee engagement, increased quality and stronger bottom-line performance.”

Fernando Santos
Director of HR, Polytainers